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This executable benchmark showcases a comparison between C++ performance, regular Blueprints and Nativized BPs. 

After Launch press Enter to start or H for onscreen help.

The test spawns a large number of actors (10,000-30,000) with each actor executing small math calculations in it's tick event. There is no visual component to the actors (as this alone would kill performance) but engine stats are displayed for each test to show more details.

The amount of actors goes up from 10,000 in the first round to 20,000 in the second and 30,000 in the final (regular BP has been excluded at this point). The first test is heavily GPU bound for the most part as the scene features a lot of volumetric lights to create a less sterile scenario.

As a bonus the very last two tests feature C++ and Nativized BP with bRunOnAnyThread enabled (i.e. ticks run on multiple CPU threads).

After the test concludes results will be posted in an onscreen table.


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UE4 Nativization Benchmark (4.19, Win64 Executable) 117 MB


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